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"Healing is the end of conflict with yourself."
Begin your journey & awaken infinite possibilities!

Currently in St. George, Utah

In-person, Remote sessions & travel are available.

Meet the Owner, Rachele Davis

Intuitive Healer, Holy Fire® III World Peace Karuna Reiki Master, Access Bars Facilitator, Certified Sound Healer, Light Language Worker & Empowerment Coach

Rachele's intuitive gifts have been a part of her since she was a little girl. She started 4RHealing to help make a difference in our world, after embracing her life's purpose through her own personal healing journey. 

She is passionate about assisting clients to understand the metaphysical meaning of the body, as well as providing the guidance & tools to help you heal by clearing self-sabotaging behaviors and opening you up to receive endless possibilities. 


Rachele's intuitive gifts allow her to see, feel, hear and empower awareness for your overall wellness!

If you are looking to RELAX and let go of fear, RELEASE energies that no longer serve you, RESTORE your personal power, and leave each session or workshop feeling RENEWED, then Rachele is here for you!


~ What I Specialize In ~


Workshops, Retreats, Spiritual Guidance Readings & Mentoring

Spirit Connections,

Spirit Entity Removals

& House Clearings


Access Bars

Chakra Clearings

Aura Scans 

Sound Healing

with Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks & Drums.

Moon Rituals,

Guided Meditations

Tarot Readings


Discover the 4R methods to Wellness!


"I have spent years seeing therapists and you have done more for me the past few months than they ever did. I can't thank you enough. See you again next week. You're the best!"

- C. S.

"Rachele you are always spot on. Thank you for your guidance and advice. It's a true blessing in my life."


"Wow. Every session is life changing. My shoulder pain is gone & your guidance keeps me in check with myself. Seriously, thank you for everything!"

- J.K.

"Hey Rachele, I just want you to know that I feel like myself again for the first time in a long time. My session with you was very helpful and I don't understand reiki or chakras to explain it, but truly, thank you."

- K.M.

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The information provided by 4RHealing is for educational purposes only and does not substitute for professional medical advice. Holistic wellness focuses on the emotional, mental and physical body for overall well-being & love for self. Never disregard professional medical advice nor delay seeking medical treatment based on something you have read or accessed here or otherwise. Namaste

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